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Welcome to my section on halo trial mods and tools

Fly Pelican in Campaign

Ok to do this you will nedd HMT v3.5 the Halo Trial (duh) and patience (even though it doesnt take very long at all)

1.Open Hmt
2.goto the folder were you keep the trial
3.double click maps and open up will now see a long list of items in the resource browser
5.find Vechile (close to the bottem) th + on vechile and a sub paragraph will open to reveal the vehicles on pelican
8.copy the meta code warthog from the vehicles list and highlight the meta code (in the same place you copied the pelican code from except on warthog)
10.erase the code in the warthog meta box and paste the new one

11.Click save
12.Now comes the harder bit on the warthog tag editor in hmt look for the drop down menu called seat and click the arrow the seat 0 chane the seat name from p-driver to w-driver save
16.exit hmt and open up the halo trial
17.goto campaign and start the silent cartograther through until the first lot of covanant are dead then waith for the marine to say "i dint no you made house drops foehammer"
19. a pleican while come round the corner and drop another pelican you must keep flipping it until it is right side up
20.once the right side up climb up the back of the pelican and walk onto the glass cockpit it should say drive pelican push e and you should be flying it CONGRADULATIONS!!!! the controls are the same as driving the waarthog.